Professional Halloween Party Face Body Painting Body Paint


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Size:App 15.5(L) X 5(W) X 2(H)cm

Net weight: 8g*12 colors
Gross Weight: About 160g
Package Include:
1 X 12 Flash Colours Case

Or/Gold 004 , Corail/Coral 002 , Turquoise/Turquoise 000, Fuchsia/Fuchsia 005 , Jaune/Yellow 013, Marron/Brown 023 , Argent/Silver 003 , Blanc/White 010,Rouge/ Red 017, Bleu Vif/Bright Blue 014, Vert Feuille/Leaf Green 008, Noir/ Black 011

Our Grease Paints are packaged in a 12-color case to provide professional makeup artists with the colors they need for any type of artistic makeup or special effects coloring. These thick, creamy tones flawlessly cover the skin. The colors can be easily shaded together to obtain a wide variety of effects, depending on the quantity applied. They can also be used as party and holiday makeup for children.


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